The Female Version of ”BroScience” ; Misconceptions Surrounding Women & Fitness


Let me start this post by stating that I Hate almost ALL fitness marketing that’s geared towards women.

If fitness magazines, Instagram fitness models or products were telling the truth, they’d be saying things like:

  • “Want to tone and tighten those abs? Don’t waste your time with these exercises”
  • “Want to banish that belly fat? This waist trimmer/belt/trainer won’t help”
  • “Want to get stronger? You’re going to need to pick up something heavier than this ”
  • “That perfect or ideal body shape you aspire to have is neither healthy or realistic”
  • “Your favorite online Insta-coach, celebrity or PT probably has no qualifications”
  • “There are no shortcuts to places that inherently take time and patience to reach”
  • “ A single “best” way for everyone doesn’t exist.”


And then you have popular opinions like my personnal favorite here :

“You’re going to get bulky and look like a man”


This has never been said by a girl who knew the first thing about lifting…


Broscience, what is it exactly?


Urban Dictionary has a pretty accurate way of describing  it :
”The uninformed opinion of “meatheads” or “jocks” on topics relating to health, strength, or athletic development.
Word of mouth knowledge passed off as fact, primarily among bodybuilders or weightlifters. Generally spouted by men who have used loads of steroids and are huge, have no idea what is happening to their bodies and share that same cluelessness with others who make the false assumption that their experience means that they have knowledge. ”

” Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research

Broscience in action:

“Bro, you gotta slam 40-60 grams of carbs plus 20 grams of BCAA within 7 seconds of finishing your last set of squat rack curls. Otherwise, you’ll go straight catabolic.”


Now, There is a Female version of this so-called ”Broscience” but nobody ever came up with an official name for it…

You-go-girl science? Bimbo Science? Bikini Science? They all seem too long…

I can definitely think of what it might entail though :

  1. Only do cardio and stretching otherwise, you’ll turn into a man

2. If you must lift weight, never use more than 3lbs or, see number one

3. If you lift heavy weights, your uterus will fall out

4. Muscle will turn into fat when you stop working out, it’s a fact so don’t build muscle just ”tone”

5. Having an expensive, sexy outfit or just wearing a sports bra and some Lululemon leggings is an integral part of your gym workout; perfectly coiffed hair, like your ready for prom in an hour and being thoroughly caked up is also encouraged.

perfect-makeup (1)

6. Our special, no-run “fitness make-up kit” will have your face looking great at the gym

7. Don’t eat anything unless it has a “lite” or “fat-free” sticker on it. Then, you can eat as much as you want!

8. Carbs are evil, stay away from them


9. Eating is generally discouraged, keep your calories under 1200 per day.

10. The cardio machines are precisely counting the calories you’re burning. This helps with measuring your caloric deficit of 1200 per day


11. If you’re sweating, you’re working out too hard, men generally think it’s gross. If any sweat stains begin to appear, leave the gym immediately.

12. Make sure you follow a famous Instagram NPC bikini competitor model and do all the same weird ineffective exercise they do daily


13. Training your legs every day is necessary to develop a booty so use the leg spreading-contracting machine every. single. day.

14. Training a specific muscle will result in fat loss in that area of the body so to get toned abs and to get rid of that belly fat you should be doing endless abdominal exercises.

15. Detox diet is totally worth your time and money. They are a great way to ”reset” and ”stimulate the liver” to eliminate ”harmful” toxins from the body

17. Certain supplements or food can magically make all your fat melt away.

18. If your workout isn’t posted on Instagram, then no progress was made #workingout #selfie #sweat #loveit #feelinggood #summerbody #abs


I hear this stuff all the time from my clients, my friends, around the gym, and basically, everywhere I go and it makes me cringe.

Think lifting heavy weights will transform you into a female version of Arnold Schwarzenneger? Think again. Adding more weight to your bar won’t automatically make you look “bulky” or “manly,” (which, by the way, is a highly subjective term).


The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear hard work and men who fear strong women.

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