Friday November 9th

I’m the owner of about a dozen journals at home. The idea of writing or recording my thoughts and feelings everyday appeals to me. Only problem is, the perfectionniste in me despises my hand writing. I find myself wanting to self-reflect, gain clarity, brainstorm, express my opinion, track my patterns or just to reduce stress & anxiety but all I end up doing is feeling unsatisfied with my penmanship.

So how do I resolve this hindrance ; weblogging.

I’m at work right now ; omg you blog on the job ?! Well technically it’s my day off but rather than reading, eating, napping or going to the gym or for long walks with my favorite podcasts I volunteered to replace a cooworker for what seems to be a busy day but is’nt…

They say you become what you do the most (or something along those lines) so I must be : A. s Bookworm ; B. Pedestrian ; C. Crafty ; D. Conversasionalist or E. A workaholic



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