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Writing a bio is hard … i mean, do you really care about who i am, what i have to offer and how i relate to you ? Of course you do, or maybe you just clicked on the wrong button ?
I’ve read somewhere that “About Me” pages are the “Soul of your Website” … that’s a lot of pressure.

Well here it goes :
My name is Bianca and welcome to my website and visual playground.Moi

I say can without a doubt say that my Goal as a blogger, is to create a visually pleasing blog to revitalize, inspire and make women think about the way they eat, move and live.

My intention aren’t to “change you”, Honey, i like you just the way you are but if I could make you’re life a little easier, make you think a little bigger, laugh a little louder, smile a little longer, walk through life a little slower and embrace the idea of endless possibility then, mission accomplish.

I want to provide you with reliable, valuable resources (none of that BroScience here), authentic personal anecdotes and practical no-nonsense advice from nutrition to fitness to stress management to how-tos and more in order to empower you to make positive changes (and hopefully, make you smile).

225486_10150578598725043_7510464_nIf you love to learn about how to live a better, healthier overall life you’ll feel right at home here.

I initially created a blog to express myself and my opinions. I knew i might be able to reach a lot of people and hopefully offer something accessible and useful. Here, i am able to freely articulate and share my knowledge, ideas and projects and get some feedback’

Education Background

” A good Head and a Good Heart are Always a Formidable Combination. But when you add to that a literate Pen then you have something very Special”
– Nelson Mandela

554036_10152197271095043_1870556383_n I always had a keen interest in physical activities. In high school, I was captain of my rugby team (i learned that all the talent in the world won’t help you win without your teammates, oh, and how to deal with broken noses), played for the girls hockey team and ran with the cross-country team. I started helping the coaches plan our practices and spend more time in the gym than other girl my age (OK, i was somewhat of a tomboy, i didn’t really care about boys, makeup and social medias).


After graduation, I was pushed towards studying in science because of good marks. I completed a Premedical Degree but instead of finishing Medical school, I decided that healing maybe wasn’t for me (long and stressful hours, years of training, little sleep, and heavy debt – God bless them) and that I could have a better and longer lasting impact preventing diseases instead of treating them so I completed a bachelor and a masters in kinesiology.


Kinesiology (most people have no clue what this is) is the scientific study of human 11666165_10155703205125043_6746818687546378837_n.jpgmovement (basically we’re human exercise encyclopedias). As a kinesiologist, my goal is to promote health and wellbeing. What’s amazing about my profession is that it’s interdisciplinary: meaning we work with other professionals from other disciplines: doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapist etc.

During my bachelor, I had the opportunity to write an article based research : ” The role of physical activity in improving cardiovascular and mental dysfunctions for transplant recipients”

I also have the chance to work as a paid research assistant on two very interesting project with two different Professors/Researcher:

“The Effects of Acute Supramaximal Cycle Exercise on Plasma FFA Concentration in Obese Individuals” with Dr. Georges Jabbour

“Teacher Perceived Barriers and Potential Solutions to Implementing Daily Physical Activity in Elementary Schools’’ with the director of my faculty Dr. Horia Daniel Iancu.

I organized student internships in association High School’s football teams and was a Content Developer for Football Canada youth Development programs.

Right Now

For the last two years, I’ve been working as a clinical kinesiologist at a cardiac rehabilitation program for the hospital (i absolutely L❤VE my job) and continued being a personal trainer at my University.

Things i enjoy doing in my spare time

I am a fall season football coach and the coordinator for a Fundamental Skills Development Camps (basically, i teach young kids how to move efficiently)1437653368762
I am always looking to attend new course and certification that applies to my field, so far I’m :

  • A certified Crossfit trainer
  • 946339_10153046186610043_1541589170_n[1]NCCP Olympic weightlifting coach
  • Fundamental Movement Skill Specialist.
  • Currently, I am studying for two ACSM Certifications ; Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) and Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP).

I’m a Big Sister
I’m a Gym Devotee
I’m an Amateur Baker, Cook & Photographer
I’m a Recovering Bulimic and Fitness Competitor
I’m a Nutrition Advisor
I’m a Coffeeholic (They know my name and order at local coffee shop, it’s embarrassing)
I’m an introvert (believe it or not)
I’m a Bookworm

I am not perfect, never have been and never will be


In a world where everyone wears mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul
– Unknown



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